We have created numerous examples that will help you learn to access and analyze cancer data in BigQuery, as well as examples showing how to use our APIs to query the metadata and discover where to find the data that you are looking for in Google Cloud Storage.

For the most up-to-date R and Python examples, please refer to the Community Notebooks section of the documentation. Earlier examples written in both R and Python are archived in our public github repositories: https://github.com/isb-cgc/examples-R and https://github.com/isb-cgc/examples-Python respectively.

Over the years, we have generated many in-depth examples using complex SQL queries with both R and Python/Jupyter notebooks in our monthly, Query of the Month Blog. C

We encourage the community to provide feedback on these examples and also to add your own examples to enrich this public resource!

Have feedback or corrections? Please email us at feedback@isb-cgc.org.