About the ISB-CGCΒΆ

The ISB-CGC provides interactive and programmatic access to all data hosted by institutes such as the Genomic Data Commons GDC and the Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute, leveraging many aspects of the Google Cloud Platform including BigQuery, Compute Engine, App Engine, Cloud Datalab and Google Genomics. Open-access clinical and biospecimen information for all TCGA, TARGET, CCLE, and COSMIC patients and samples, combined with the analyzed summary data and genomic reference and platform-annotation sources are stored in BigQuery, enabling fast SQL-like queries against the entire dataset. Controlled-access DNA and RNA sequence data is available to dbGaP-authorized users in the original BAM and FASTQ file formats for TCGA and TARGET data at this time.

The ISB-CGC aims to serve the needs of a broad range of cancer researchers ranging from scientists or clinicians who prefer to use an interactive web-based application to access and explore the rich TCGA, TARGET, CCLE, and COSMIC datasets, to computational scientists who want to write their own custom scripts using languages such as R or Python, accessing the data through APIs, to algorithm developers who want to spin up thousands of virtual machines to rapidly analyze hundreds of terabytes of sequence data. The ISB-CGC allows scientists to interactively define and compare cohorts, examine the underlying molecular data for specific genes or pathways of interest, and share insights with collaborators around the globe.

Have feedback or corrections? You can file an issue here or email us at feedback@isb-cgc.org.