Human Tumor Atlas Network Data

About HTAN

The Human Tumor Atlas Network (HTAN) is focused on transitions in cancer. Funded by the National Cancer Institute (NCI) Cancer Moonshot initiative, its mission is to construct three-dimensional atlases of the dynamic cellular, morphological, and molecular features of human cancers as they evolve from precancerous lesions to advanced disease (Cell April 2020). Many HTAN studies focus on single cell and multiplex imaging modalities.

About the HTAN Data

HTAN data encompasses at least 11 atlases and 17 primary tumor sites. Data (Release 2 and 3) was extracted from the HTAN Data Portal via Synapse (

To explore HTAN data, please see the HTAN Data Portal.

Visit our HTAN Notebooks page to see examples using the ISB-CGC hosted HTAN data.

Accessing the HTAN Data in Google BigQuery

ISB-CGC has HTAN data, such as single cell RNA-Seq, clinical, biospecimen, and metadata, stored in Google BigQuery tables. Information about these tables can be found using the ISB-CGC BigQuery Table Search with HTAN selected for filter PROGRAM. To learn more about this tool, see the ISB-CGC BigQuery Table Search documentation.

The HTAN tables are in project isb-cgc-bq. To learn more about how to view and query tables in the Google BigQuery console, see the ISB-CGC BigQuery Tables documentation.

  • Data set isb-cgc-bq.HTAN contains the latest tables for each data type.

  • Data set isb-cgc-bq.HTAN_versioned contains previously released tables, as well as the most current table.

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