The Synthetic Lethality Resource

Synthetic lethal interactions (SLIs), genetic interactions in which the simultaneous inactivation of two genes leads to a lethal phenotype, are promising targets for therapeutic intervention in cancer, as exemplified by the recent success of PARP inhibitors in treating BRCA1/2-deficient tumors. We present SL-Cloud, a cloud-based integrated resource to facilitate the prediction of context-specific SLIs. This resource addresses two main challenges related to SLI inference: the need to wrangle and preprocess large multi-omic datasets and the multiple comparable prediction approaches available.

SL-Cloud provides a cloud-based data access platform coupled with software and well documented computational notebooks that reimplement published synthetic lethality (SL) inference algorithms to facilitate novel investigation into synthetic lethality. In addition, we provide general purpose functions that support these prediction workflows, e.g. saving data in BigQuery tables. We anticipate that users can leverage the resources provided in this project to conduct highly customizable analysis based on their cancer type of interest and particular context.

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