Accessing Controlled Data

In ISB-CGC, you can gain access to controlled data via personal user credentials:

  • Provides access to controlled data for 24 hours at a time;

  • Uses your personal credentials;

  • Example uses: the ISB-CGC Web App, R Studio or running short jobs on Google Compute Engine that complete in under 24 hours


You’ll need the following before requesting controlled access via ISB-CGC:

  • A Google identity;

  • An NIH or electronic Research Administration (eRA) account;

  • Database of Genotypes and Phenotypes (dbGaP) permission for each type of controlled access data of interest, linked to your NIH or eRA account;

  • Your Google identify linked to your NIH/eRA account via the ISB-CGC Web App.

1) Google identity

If you don’t have a Google identity yet, please see the ISB-CGC Quick-Start Guide.

2) NIH or eRA account

Intramural researchers can use their NIH log-in account, and extramural researchers will need to have a personal eRA account. Either way, the user’s NIH/eRA account needs to be affiliated with their institution’s eRA account. Your principal investigator (PI) or other authorized person can create your personal eRA account and link it to your institution’s eRA account.

If you already have an NIH/eRA account, you can log into eRA at

  • If the Institution listed for you is not your current one, ask your PI to change it for you.

  • If you are the PI or other authorized person, you can create, link and update accounts from here.

Visit electronic Research Administration (eRA) for more information on registering for a NIH eRA account.

Controlled Access Via Personal User Credentials

The first time that you perform the above steps, you are automatically granted controlled access via your personal user credentials. This access lasts for 24 hours, though it can be extended. Subsequently, to obtain access, sign into the Web App, click on your persona (or Account Details on the drop down menu next to your name). Click the Get Controlled Access button below Obtain controlled access for 24 hours.


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