Cancer Data File Browser

The Cancer Data File Browser is an ISB-CGC web interface which allows you to explore a comprehensive selection of cancer related data files in Google Cloud Storage Buckets, such as raw sequencing, cancer nucleotide variation, pathology or radiology images.

Selecting Cancer Data File Browser from the Data Browsers drop down menu on the ISB-CGC home screen will display the Cancer Data File Browser screen. Another way to get to this screen is to click on the Launch icon in the Cancer Data File Browser box in the Data Browsers section of the ISB-CGC home page.

You will be able to use the available filters to select a file record list. Click on the CSV button to download this list which includes barcodes and GCS locations, without needing to log into the ISB-CGC Web Application. Except for the ability to save output results to a Google BigQuery table or to a Google Cloud Storage Bucket (GCS), this screen has the same functionality as the one that you navigate to when selecting the File Browser button from the Saved Cohorts screen, after signing into the Web App. To learn more about this screen, see the Cohorts File Browser documentation.

Note that the maximum number of file records that can be downloaded is 65000. You’ll need to use the filters to get the file listing results below this number.

If you decide to log into the ISB-CGC Web App (using Sign In in the upper right-hand corner), you can register a Google Cloud Project and BigQuery data set and export the file record list to a BigQuery table or a Google Cloud Storage Bucket.


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