How to Request Cloud Credits

We are offering free Google Cloud credits for researchers to try out our platform! To get trial funding in an ISB-CGC funded Google Cloud Platform (GCP) project, please send your request to (Note that if you already have a GCP project, and are not requesting funds as part of our community evaluation phase, you do not need a separate GCP project in order to work with ISB-CGC hosted data or tools.)

In your request, please describe your research goals in some detail, including information such as the type of data that you plan to use (whether it is your own data or data already hosted by the ISB-CGC), the algorithms and/or methods you plan to apply, and an estimate of the storage and computing costs you expect to incur. Please let us know if you have students or collaborators who will also be accessing the same cloud project. Teams working on a single project should all use the same cloud project. If your group is large, we will take this into consideration in determining the funding we can supply.

If you have previous experience using the Google Cloud Platform, that would be useful for us to know – including which specific components (eg Compute Engine, BigQuery, Cloud Datalab, etc).

All reasonable requests will receive an initial allocation of $300 towards storage and compute costs. We expect that this amount of funding will be more than enough for you to become familiar with the platform. If you expect that you will need additional funding to complete your planned research, this initial amount may be used to perform prototype analyses and to better estimate your total costs. At that time, you may request additional funding.

Please be aware that we will be monitoring your cloud resource usage on a daily basis and will alert you as you begin to approach your funding limit. If you exceed your allocation limit and we are not able to contact you by email for several days, we may need to take action to shut your project down which could cause you to lose work and data.

Have feedback or corrections? Please email us at