Linking to ISB-CGC BigQuery tables

Follow the images below to link the ISB-CGC BigQuery tables in projects isb-cgc and isb-cgc-bq to your Google Cloud Project. Click on image to zoom in.

When you access BigQuery from your Google Cloud Platform Console, you will see an “Add Data” box with a “Pin a Project option”.


When you click on “Pin a Project”, you will be presented with a pop-up box that allows you to either enter a project name or to select one from a list. Choose the “Enter a Project Name” and enter in “isb-cgc” and then click “Pin”.


If you are have Editor Tabs enabled, the “Pin a Project” options are a little different. When you click on “Add Data”, select “Pin a Project” and then “Enter Project Name” from the menu. Then enter the project name in the pop-up box and click “Pin”.


You will now see the isb-cgc open access BigQuery tables on the left-hand side pinned to your project. Repeat these steps for “isb-cgc-bq”.


If the data sets and tables within the project don’t display immediately, refresh your screen until they do. They may take a couple of minutes to appear.


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