Linking to ISB-CGC BigQuery tables

Follow the images below to link the ISB-CGC BigQuery tables in projects isb-cgc and isb-cgc-bq to your Google Cloud Project. Click on image to zoom in.

When you access BigQuery from your Google Cloud Platform Console, you will see an “Add Data” box with a “Pin a Project option”.


When you click on “Pin a Project”, you will be presented with a pop-up box that allows you to either enter a project name or to select one from a list. Choose the “Enter a Project Name” and enter in “isb-cgc” and then hit “Pin”.


If the isb-cgc and isb-cgc-bq projects aren’t found when you type them in, you are likely in Google’s new BigQuery SQL Workspace, which is having issues pinning a project that you are not a member of. To resolve this problem, click the Hide Preview Features button to go to the former version of BigQuery and perform the pinning steps there. HidePreviewFeatures After pinning, you may return to the new BigQuery SQL Workspace by clicking on Show Preview Features.


You will now see the isb-cgc open access BigQuery tables on the left-hand side pinned to your project. Repeat these steps for “isb-cgc-bq”.


If the data sets and tables within the project don’t display immediately, refresh your screen until they do. They may take a couple of minutes to appear.

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